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Ministry Meals in Minutes

“You need a meal from me at what time? I don’t even have a meal for my family!” Learn how to freezer cook with healthy ingredients and stock your freezer for your family and others. Begin a community of women at your church who share the love of Christ through make ahead meals. Jackie Brown teaches a 4-hour workshop at the location of your choice. No kitchen is required and a menu with necessary supplies is provided. Registration is $10 for freezer supplies: pans, foil and bags. Participants bring their own cooking and food supplies. Class is limited to 12-15 people.


Real Life Shopping, Cooking and Eating

Eating healthy is not a fad, it’s a lifestyle. Jackie shares her journey from poor health and empty calories to a wholesome diet rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. She introduces whole foods and brands names to look for while shopping. Learn to preserve your cooked whole foods with simple freezer cooking.


Hungry Hungry Hippos (or Kids)

Growing kids are hungry, hungry all the time. They require energy from a variety of f ods from the new Food Guide Plate. How do moms get their kids to eat healthy in a fast food world? Jackie gives tried and true tips from her finicky children ages one to ten suggestions from friends who are moms. Gain a better understanding of a balanced diet for kids through this fun message.


The Never Ending Potato

Not everyone mom is cut out to be a missionary for Christ, or is she? How can moms be on mission? Jackie challenges you to become an extraordinary potato through five every day points about an ordinary potato.


5-minute Bread in a Shoebox

You heard it right, grab your girlfriends and head to a community center, home, church or other setting and take along a plastic shoebox and five ingredients for mixing your first loaf of homemade bread. Jackie will teach you how to make and take four loaves of bread home to your family and others. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? This is a hands-on bread making class teaching you how to make “real” bread. Participants are required to bring a small list of supplies.


Freezer Cooking 101

Do you dream of cooking ahead, saving lots of money and actually having something in the freezer to give away? Jackie teaches small groups of moms with children in a home setting. It’s called a “Cook and Play!” Moms cook while kids play at a host home. Groups are limited to four women bringing their own cooking supplies. Jackie furnishes a small menu of items for women to make, freeze, bake and give away.


Jesus Loves Me, Do I Know?

All females struggle with the knowledge of Christ loving her. Jackie’s riveting testimony unpacks God’s message of love found in 1 John 4. This message can target a pre-teen, teen, or adult audience. It’s the perfect message for a youth or women’s retreat.


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