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Mom and Women’s Testimonials


Just thought you would like to hear that you have reached “hero” status at my house, and maybe for a weird reason!

I think your class and blog are both outstanding – you really shine in your ministry.

Julia C, Biltmore Baptist Church Musician


Jackie is a gracious channel of God’s love in receiving personal ministry and then in being an encouragement, model and messenger of sharing that love to others as a mom and teacher. The call on her life is evident through her infectious joy and her obedience in faithfully using her gifts as she
ministers to others.

Char Eley, Mentor Ministry leader of Biltmore Baptist Church


When Jackie began speaking, I knew exactly why the Lord placed me in that seat!  She spoke on all of the ways to change your families eating plan and even gave specific foods and brands to switch to.  EVERY question that I went into that room with was answered! I know the Lord put Jackie in my life for that EXACT moment.  I made all of the changes that she taught.  My child is a new child, with fewer ticks and a healthy non-high fructose corn syrup free diet!

Kim, attendee of “Packing a Godly Punch in Your Child’s Lunch”


I am inspired and ready to “rock & roll” with meal planning. I absolutely loved your class Thursday night.  What an amazing ministry you have.  Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned with each of us.
I am very encouraged and finally not overwhelmed.  To God be all the glory!

Jill Perry, Freezer Cooking Class Attendee


“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish feed him for life.” In all aspects, Jackie, you are doing just that-teaching others to feed themselves for life.

Stephanie King, Biltmore Baptist Mothers of Preschoolers Co-Coordinator/Publicity


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