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With God, all things are possible

Matthew 19:26
Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all thingsare possible.”

Your Word from Matthew is a gift to me.

This morning I meditate and pray over all the impossible things God has done for me. In the past four years, many miracles have happened. I’ve had two beautiful blessed children bestowed on me. God’s led me to begin a ministry for women using the passions and gifts He’s supplied. He sparked and fueled this passion along the way. He’s gone before me and laid this path for me tonight to speak about this ministry.

I’m praying for more than I can expect or imagine. I’m praying for the super abundant, exceeding great things God has promised will happen. Women will be changed. Lives will be touched. Girls will be on fire for God. Moms will feel equipped and the homeless and needy will be fed. This is my prayer, God would use me in an extraordinary way. May I be the living example of a hot potato, an extraordinary potato holding on to God for the incredible ride of excitement, anticipation, a little nervousness, yet boldness as I act as His servant tonight. God, I’m yours and I want to abide in your Word, your way, and your will. Give me great boldness to speak as your servant tonight. God, as I feel your nervousness, may you calm the storm raging inside of me and help me to Be still and know that you are God. Help me remember you have gone before me and you have already completed this journey. I ask for your complete peace and grace to be upon me as I speak not just from memory, but from your heart. May I not sound boastful, may I only boast of you and what you’re doing in and through me. May the women see your heart and not mine. May the hear your words and not mine. May the see your face and not mine. I thank you for this incredible opportunity to share. Help me today, to continue to prepare and have peace. I thank you, for being my Lord, my light, my salvation, my story, my song and wisdom. I trust in what you’re going to do in and through me. I love you, precious Jesus.



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I'm a "Mom on a Mission for Christ" providing food for my family while opening my arms to the poor and needy. I have a passion for equipping others to be on mission with me through freezer cooking tutorials, teaching, speaking and writing. Join a community of women who love sharing the love of God by visiting

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