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Day 2 of Giving Thanks

Day 2 never marks a habit, I know that full well. Again, this morning I awoke with the sweet scripture, “Give thanks, for His love endures forever.” Do you know how many times I caught myself with a negative spirit yesterday? I want to give thanks for everything and find the goodness of God’s gift in everything. This is my new challenge to myself and oh how this is going to be a difficult habit to break.

My morning cup of Java at the hotel wasn’t just so and what do I do? I complain and tell of its “instant” flavor lingering on my tongue and wrinkle my nose for my friend to see. What am I portraying? A heart of ungratefulness. Here I sit in the grandest hotel I’ve been in since high school, twenty some years ago, and I’m complaining about the coffee. Before me is a made to order, beautiful omelette, fresh fruit and I’m surrounded by beautiful women who yearn to serve God in the highest. And I complain. Lifetime habits are hard to break.

My friend says, “I’m grateful for something warm to drink,” as she grips her mug and sips with a smile. Me? I want to be grateful for every gift and share the joy with others as my friend does with a lingering smile. Yes, this is going to be sojourn of giving thanks.

How many days will it take me create a grateful heart for the gifts God’s giving me? Thirty days of continual habit? No….I don’t think so, much longer, because it’s a critical spirit I must retrain into a grateful spirit.

I’m so grateful for attending She Speaks and hearing every word spoken by Ann Voskomp. God is using her in such a mighty and powerful way. I’m excited to see what God is going to do with this new song she inspired in my every day living.

Today I’m thanking God for gift number 5) I have beautiful home in Asheville, NC, such a gorgeous scenery with mountains and fresh air and birds singing in the a.m.

6) I have a floor and table with crumbs. Small hands and feet have made these crumbs and one day those hands and feet will gone. One day the crumbs will no longer be there. I will have an empty nest with big hands and feet to visit and the pitter patter sound has dissolved. Today, I choose to be grateful and give thanks to God for every crumb on the floor and the table which marks a visit of small hands and feet have been here.

Father, forgive me for my critical spirit yesterday. Take my sin as far as it is from the east and the west and wash me white as snow. I beg to be different before you and may my thinking be renewed as each word comes out of my mouth. May my thoughts, words and actions represent you, the Christ, who was kind and compassionate to each and every person while here on earth. Give me today your daily bread, both in Word and flesh. May I be holy in your presence and live a life of thanks be to God and giving you glory and praise in all circumstances. Give me your will and your way and divine protection over my life, my husband, my children, family and friends. Continue to speak to all the women who came to She Speaks and in grain a thankful heart in us all. In your most precious and loving kind heart and spirit I pray these grateful words, Amen.


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