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A Conversation with God Book Review

I found this book to be interesting, but didn’t quite hold my attention as well as other books. I know this is a highly recommended author, whom I’ve met and admire for his publishing history. I’ve never read any other of his books to compare, though I know he is an excellent author with many followers. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to try another book by Gansky. I agree with others, it may be the format that I had a difficult time following or because I’m a mom of four young children and needed something inspirational with parenting.

I received my copy from Booksneeze in exchange for a review


Go Big by Cory Cotton


I was a little reluctant reading a book about basketball, which is not my interest, but when I read about it’s mission to help people achieve their Go Big dream, I was intrigued and ordered my complimentary copy from Tyndale House Publishers. Immediately, I was drawn to the book because of the simplicity of the idea: Go Big. I gleaned so much from the principles of going even bigger each time the Dude Perfect team posted a new You tube video. I was impressed by Cotton’s easy to follow style of writing and relating to his entire audience of readers. He even mentioned those who cook, which is me! I’m a passionate cook and follower of Christ and I absolutely agree and follow his last principle of giving back. I want to give back to my community and share Christ with those around me also. It’s all because of Christ’s great love for me and what He’s done. I give this book a double thumbs up and found it inspiring and motivational in my dream I am pursuing. I hope to take these principles and my dream to the next level. Thank you Cory, for taking the time to write and thank you Dude Perfect team for sharing your passion in a unique Christ -like way. It goes to show that we can use all of our God-given talents and abilities to glorify Christ, from freezer cooking to basketball trick shots.

I Shine Bible Book Review

iShine Bible NLT (Bible Nltse)

I have an amazing tween daughter who loves the Lord. When I thumbed through this Bible geared specifically for tweens I was in love. It reminds me of my busy mom’s devotional Bible. It’s full of practical tips and devotions perfect for her age group. I like the color photos and life application questions. The photos of the kids are current, fun to look at. My favorite is the front cover, leather with cool two-tone colors. I teach a tween class and give it two thumbs up from a mom of four.

With God, all things are possible

Matthew 19:26
Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all thingsare possible.”

Your Word from Matthew is a gift to me.

This morning I meditate and pray over all the impossible things God has done for me. In the past four years, many miracles have happened. I’ve had two beautiful blessed children bestowed on me. God’s led me to begin a ministry for women using the passions and gifts He’s supplied. He sparked and fueled this passion along the way. He’s gone before me and laid this path for me tonight to speak about this ministry.

I’m praying for more than I can expect or imagine. I’m praying for the super abundant, exceeding great things God has promised will happen. Women will be changed. Lives will be touched. Girls will be on fire for God. Moms will feel equipped and the homeless and needy will be fed. This is my prayer, God would use me in an extraordinary way. May I be the living example of a hot potato, an extraordinary potato holding on to God for the incredible ride of excitement, anticipation, a little nervousness, yet boldness as I act as His servant tonight. God, I’m yours and I want to abide in your Word, your way, and your will. Give me great boldness to speak as your servant tonight. God, as I feel your nervousness, may you calm the storm raging inside of me and help me to Be still and know that you are God. Help me remember you have gone before me and you have already completed this journey. I ask for your complete peace and grace to be upon me as I speak not just from memory, but from your heart. May I not sound boastful, may I only boast of you and what you’re doing in and through me. May the women see your heart and not mine. May the hear your words and not mine. May the see your face and not mine. I thank you for this incredible opportunity to share. Help me today, to continue to prepare and have peace. I thank you, for being my Lord, my light, my salvation, my story, my song and wisdom. I trust in what you’re going to do in and through me. I love you, precious Jesus.


Thankful for God’s Word

God’s whisperers two verses in my quiet time this morning. One is ministering to me as I prepare to speak at tomorrow. This is my gift from God number 7) “For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.” Oh how I love to personalize scripture into my life. Lord, may my mouth speak your Truth eloquently, courageously, timely and with energy from the overflow of my heart. You’ve instilled such a passion in my heart and may I allow others to see the burning flame that goes on. I pray for a voice of power and command and challenge as I share your heart to women. Thank you for going before me and preparing this speech, the women and this event, may you receive all the glory.

8)“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9a There’s always a reason why you whisper sweet words into my ear. My dear friend, long time friend needs you right now. As I have passed on these words to her this morning, may you permeate her being and let these words saturate her mind and heart. I’m praying she will feel your perfect grace and allow it envelop her. Allow your power to surge through her into being as she thinks of only you in this trial. Give her mercy in this time of weakness. I pray for a latching on to your hands and feet like never before. May she come to know you as the lover of her soul. No man can fill this void in her life except you. May she see this picture and  feel your being going deep inside those places of hurt, abandonment, insecurity and more. And may you seep between each and every crack and fill her from the top of her head to the bottom of her toes. God, meet her today in her weakness. Speak to her through myself, or something or someone. Give her your unending and everlasting love.

In the most Holy and  precious name of Jesus I pray your word over myself and my friend today. Amen

Day 2 of Giving Thanks

Day 2 never marks a habit, I know that full well. Again, this morning I awoke with the sweet scripture, “Give thanks, for His love endures forever.” Do you know how many times I caught myself with a negative spirit yesterday? I want to give thanks for everything and find the goodness of God’s gift in everything. This is my new challenge to myself and oh how this is going to be a difficult habit to break.

My morning cup of Java at the hotel wasn’t just so and what do I do? I complain and tell of its “instant” flavor lingering on my tongue and wrinkle my nose for my friend to see. What am I portraying? A heart of ungratefulness. Here I sit in the grandest hotel I’ve been in since high school, twenty some years ago, and I’m complaining about the coffee. Before me is a made to order, beautiful omelette, fresh fruit and I’m surrounded by beautiful women who yearn to serve God in the highest. And I complain. Lifetime habits are hard to break.

My friend says, “I’m grateful for something warm to drink,” as she grips her mug and sips with a smile. Me? I want to be grateful for every gift and share the joy with others as my friend does with a lingering smile. Yes, this is going to be sojourn of giving thanks.

How many days will it take me create a grateful heart for the gifts God’s giving me? Thirty days of continual habit? No….I don’t think so, much longer, because it’s a critical spirit I must retrain into a grateful spirit.

I’m so grateful for attending She Speaks and hearing every word spoken by Ann Voskomp. God is using her in such a mighty and powerful way. I’m excited to see what God is going to do with this new song she inspired in my every day living.

Today I’m thanking God for gift number 5) I have beautiful home in Asheville, NC, such a gorgeous scenery with mountains and fresh air and birds singing in the a.m.

6) I have a floor and table with crumbs. Small hands and feet have made these crumbs and one day those hands and feet will gone. One day the crumbs will no longer be there. I will have an empty nest with big hands and feet to visit and the pitter patter sound has dissolved. Today, I choose to be grateful and give thanks to God for every crumb on the floor and the table which marks a visit of small hands and feet have been here.

Father, forgive me for my critical spirit yesterday. Take my sin as far as it is from the east and the west and wash me white as snow. I beg to be different before you and may my thinking be renewed as each word comes out of my mouth. May my thoughts, words and actions represent you, the Christ, who was kind and compassionate to each and every person while here on earth. Give me today your daily bread, both in Word and flesh. May I be holy in your presence and live a life of thanks be to God and giving you glory and praise in all circumstances. Give me your will and your way and divine protection over my life, my husband, my children, family and friends. Continue to speak to all the women who came to She Speaks and in grain a thankful heart in us all. In your most precious and loving kind heart and spirit I pray these grateful words, Amen.

Giving Thanks-My first four 1000 Gifts

I awoke with a scripture verse that resonated the very core of my heart from Ann Voskamp’s message from She Speaks. After five long, awaited years, two babies later and countless critical thoughts, words and actions recorded, I am finally here at the conference I’ve longed for, but put aside. The past year I have heard God whisper, “Expect great things, Jackie.” My heart wanted to expect a publisher to like my book idea-such a selfish thought to think God would open a door my first year, though it is done for some. But that is not the reason He brought me here.

I found what He meant last night when He’s whispered those words in my ear. It was the message of Christ’s enduring love and to give thanks for His Love endures forever. I’m not a weeper. I only shed tears when God shakes my core and not others. When God does amazing and wonderful or hurtful and tragic in the lives of others for His good, I do not cry. But last night I became a weeper and wept tears of joy for God had a message for me through the blessed words of Ann.

I’ve attempted to give thanks in all circumstances before, but Ann’s presentation of God’s love for me was more than I could bear. It caused a life change in me that dares to take on this challenge of giving thanks for 1000 gifts he’s given me.

Last night I recorded my first three. 1) I, Jackie Brown know this conference and message meant for me is a gift. 2) My husband, David Brown is my ministry partner and soul mate and he is a gift. 3) My four precious blood relatives God created from David and I are gifts.

This morning I want to pen gift number four. 4) I awoke with the scripture Ann spoke of, taught and lives:1 Chronicles 16:34
Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.

This message of not only hope and deliverance from my bondage of criticism during my darkest hour or slightly grey has put a new song in my mouth. It’s an enduring, life changing, weeping, savory challenge I’m allowing God to put before me. Gratefully, He has gone before me and created a unique pathway for me to walk down and I’ve begun taking the first step with God holding my shaky hand. I know I will grasp it tightly when I want to say, “God, this is the same path as yesterday. I’m walking on the same rough rocks.”

May He gently remind me, “No, Jackie, you are on a new sojourn and the path appears the same because your flesh and mind want to react the old former way, but I created you new last night on July 23, 2011. You my child, are a gift. Now I’m asking you to tell me your gifts with hands open and not clutched.”

“I give thanks to you today, O God, your love endures forever.” What an amazing new journey you have carved for me. I am beyond ready to make lasting changes in my life, which is your life, I give with open hands. I love you Jesus and thank you for my gifts. Allow me to be a gift giver today to those around me. Open my eyes to see every single gift from above. In the precious name of my everlasting Savior,Jesus, I pray. Amen